Temperature & humidity monitoring

With remote access, SMS and email alerts, automatic reports

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Efento Cloud is a solution for pharmaceutical wholesalers, where temperature and humidity have to be monitored in tens or even hundreds of points, and for similar facilities in various locations, e.g. a network of pharmacies. The data can be sent to the platform from any location, and the information is available for authorized staff via a web browser. The platform allows users to display the measurement data, generate reports for any period of time, configure SMS / email alerts. The access to Efento Cloud is free of charge.

Why Efento Cloud?

  • Low cost of implementation

    The access to the platform is always free of charge. Buy sensors and start to monitor the conditions today!

  • Easy configuration and operation

    It takes 10 or so minutes to configure the system

  • A range of sensors

    Monitoring of temperature, humidity and barometric pressure

  • Compliance with regulations

    Efento Cloud platform can be adapted to a national legislation

Complete remote monitoring system

The system consists of Efento sensors measuring temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure, Efento Gateway gathering and transmitting measurement data, and  Efento Cloud server platform.

The server platform is the «brain» of the whole system, which saves the measurement data, gives users access to the data from any place in the world, decides on sending SMS / email notifications. The measurement data can come from sensors located in different cities, and the administrator of the system is able to manage the information in many ways, e.g. group some data, provide users with access to selected sensors etc. As the platform is a «cloud» service, the users of Efento systems don’t have to bother about running/renting servers!

The system has been designed to streamline the configuration process – it takes ten or so minutes!