About us

Efento company was founded in 2014. Since the beginning, we focus on solutions in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-machine communications (M2M).

As one of the few companies in the world, we offer an integrated solution for monitoring and analyzing various physical parameters, based on wireless sensors, advanced cloud platform, and mobile applications.

Our vision

“When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it; but when you cannot measure it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meager and unsatisfactory kind”

-Lord Kelvin

We believe that many processes, systems and industries can be optimized, on the condition of full control and the necessary data acquisition and analysis. This applies both to production processes and activities related to transportation, storage, and even health protection.
In Efento solutions we revolutionize the way of accessing the data from sensors, so that each process can be conveniently and cost-effectively monitored and controlled at any moment and for any required time.

Percentage of vaccines in India which are transported in the wrong temperatures
Number of people who die each year as a result of air pollution
Annual quantity of food that is statistically wasted by everyone beacause of storage in improper conditions

Traditional measurement systems require individual design, installation by qualified installers, and often dedicated software for data collection and analysis. As a result, such projects are expensive and time-consuming. 

Our products provide an integrated solution: measurements of physical parameters, data acquisition, transmission, storage and analysis. Our customers can quickly deploy measuring systems with even hundreds of sensors with full support, which do not require any cables, servers or additional software.

Thanks to wireless technology and cloud computing our solution is easier to implement, more reliable and cheaper than traditional measuring systems based on wired connections and software installed on users’ computers or servers.



2nd price in the LOG UP - Logistic Start-Up Bank competition

In November 2018 Efento Transport has been awarded with the 2nd price in the LOG UP – Logistic Start-Up Bank competition. The aim of the competition was to select the most interesting and innovative projects in the field of logistics.

Efento at the Polish Economic Exhibition

Efento was included in the group of 12 companies invited to present their solutions in the “New Technologies” section at the Polish Economic Exhibition. The exhibition presents the achievements of the Polish economy of the last 100 years. 


Efento’s NB-IoT sensors has been nominated to AMA prize by Verband für Sensorik und Messtechnik


Differential pressure sensor and open / close sensor

We have introduced to our product portfolio differential pressure and open / close sensors. Both devices work with all Efento’s applications


Efento was selected as one of 12 European companies which will develop NB-IoT based products or solutions in WARP program organized by hub:raum along with T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom.


In March 2017 Efento sensors were awarded a gold medal at the Automaticon 2017. Automaticon is Poland’s largest automation and measurement fair.



Efento joined the WARP program organized by the hub:raum. The program aims to accelerate the development of innovative European companies and to establish a partnership between them and T-Mobile. The program is regularly organized by the hub:raum. By 2016, there were five editions of the program, with 58 companies selected from over 3,000 applicants.


1000 monitored vehicles and 3000 monitored refrigerators

Till the end of 2015 our systems are monitoring temperature in above 1000 vehicles delivering medicines and vaccines to pharmacies and in more than 3000 medical refrigerators

Debut on the international market

In 2015 we sold our products to customers in the USA, Great Britain, Norway, Hungary and other countries.

Finals of competition organized by Business Link and T-mobile

September 2015 –  we qualified to the finals of “Business Mixer” competition organized by Business Link and T-Mobile, among five companies. We presented solution for monitoring temperature in transport – Efento Transport.

Humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors

Since September 2015 we sell humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors. The sensors cooperate with the applications Efento Logger and Efento Inspector

Development of Efento Transport app

In June 2015 we developed and launched Efento Transport application. The app has been implemented by Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna S.A.  As a part of a pilot project, the application monitored temperature in 50 vehicles, then the system has been deployed in more than 350 vehicles of the company.


1000 sensors sold

Till the end of 2014, customers bought over 1000 Efento sensors. They have been used mainly for monitoring temperatures in medical refrigerators in clinics and health centers, vaccination points and pharmacies.

We introduced Efento Logger application registers temperatures in cold stores, during food production and transport, when mapping temperature in buildings and in other objects. The system also gained great popularity in viticulture, to determine SAT and GDDC  parameters.

Launch of Bluetooth Low Energy temperature sensors

First Efento sensors and loggers were launched in June 2014. At this time we also developed the initial version of the application for monitoring temperature in medical refrigerators – Efento Inspector. The products quickly became bestsellers. The main customers are clinics, health centers, vaccination points.
Efento Inspector is a modern solution with a greater number of functions and easier operation than other systems for temperature monitoring.