Temperature & humidity recording

In accommodation and office space

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Efento Logger is a wireless temperature and humidity logger/recorder communicating with smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth 4.0. The logger saves in its memory up to 28 000 measurements that can be later wirelessly transferred to a phone or tablet. Efento Loggers are supported by free application for Android devices. Efento Logger provides an easy way to record temperature and humidity in residential and office buildings.

Why Efento Logger?

  • Easy operation

    You don’t need any computers, drivers, cables

  • High memory capacity

    Saving up to 28 000 measurements

  • Ease of use

    Long range and long service life of wireless loggers

  • Registration of temperature and humidity

    Take care of comfortable conditions in the property

Efento Logger works with smartphones and tablets

By using wireless communication technology for transmitting data, it is possible to capture the measurements without having physical access to the device – you have access to the current and historical measurements of temperature and humidity within seconds!

Efennto Loggers measure and record temperature and humidity, which allows for monitoring and control of these parameters in any living or office space.

Enough that you are within the range of a logger, you can download the data. One device can support unlimited number of the loggers – simply select the desired one from the list on the screen.

The most convenient to use temperature and humidity logger

You can forget about a computer, drivers, cables!

Watch the video tutorial and see how easy it is

Temperature and humidity in rooms

Temperature and humidity should be selected primarily depending on the purpose of the room. It is assumed that the ideal levels for humans are between 20-23˚C (temperature) and 40-60% (relative humidity). These values are also safe for interiors and typical objects such as furniture, books or fabrics.


Accommodation and  office space

  • Temperature within 20-22˚C – this is the range of thermal comfort for people – a condition in which people feel satisfaction with the thermal environment, without sensation of heat or cold. The temperature should prevail in apartments, houses and offices. Too low temperature causes discomfort, too high – sleepiness and excessive sweating. The exception to this rule are bedrooms, where the temperature may be lower (18-20˚C).
  • Relative humidity within 30-65% – provides comfort for people and is safe for objects in the building and the building itself. Excessive humidity  causes the development of mold, fungi and viruses and has adverse consequences for both the occupants/users of the premises and for the structure of the building. On the other hand, too low humidity causes skin to dry out, breathing and general discomfort, but usually has no adverse impact on the objects and building.
  • One should also pay attention to the difference in humidity in different seasons, e.g. in Europe the humidity of the outside air can be up to 80% in summer, while can drop to 20% in winter. In addition, central heating systems usually significantly lower humidity inside buildings.

Archives / libraries

These facilities usually have to be treated similarly to museums / art galleries. The temperature and humidity should be selected and maintained so as not to adversely affect the items stored in the rooms. Temperature and humidity should be recorded along with the ability to read historical values. No significant changes in the values of temperature and humidity are allowed in state, public, or special archives. For example, the relevant regulations in Poland recommend the following values of temperature and humidity, depending on the stored objects:

  • Paper – temperature within 14-18˚C range, relative humidity within 30-50% range. Acceptable daily temperature fluctuations +/-1˚C, acceptable daily humidity fluctuations +/- 3%
  • Black and white and color photographs, films – temperature within 3-18˚C, relative humidity 20-50%. Acceptable daily temperature fluctuations +/-2˚C, acceptable daily humidity fluctuations +/-5%
  • Magnetic tapes – temperature within 8-18˚C, relative humidity 20-50%. Acceptable daily temperature fluctuations +/-2˚C, acceptable daily humidity fluctuations +/-5%
  • Data carriers – temperature within 12-18˚C, relative humidity 20-40%. Acceptable daily temperature fluctuations +/-2˚C, acceptable daily humidity fluctuations +/-5%

Empty rooms/buildings

In the case of premises that are not used (e.g. empty apartments, unused floors of a building, unused part of an office building), the temperature should not fall below 14˚C there. Lower temperatures can have an adverse effect on the premises. It is also very important to ensure adequate humidity in unused rooms. Too high humidity (above 65%) leads to the formation of mold and mildew that can permanently damage the interior of the rooms and even the structure of the building.