Recording of temperature in critical points


Efento Logger is a wireless temperature and humidity logger/recorder communicating with smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth 4.0. The logger saves in its memory up to 28 000 measurements that can be later wirelessly transferred to a phone or tablet. Efento Loggers are supported by free application for Android devices.

Why Efento Logger?

  • Easy operation

    You don’t need any computers, drivers, cables

  • High memory capacity

    Saving up to 28 000 measurements

  • Ease of use

    Long range and long service life of wireless loggers

  • Registration of  temperature and humidity

    Take care of good storage and food processing

Efento Logger works with phones and tablets

By using wireless communication technology to transmit data, it is possible to read the data from the recorder/logger without physical access to the device you can forget about pulling the logger from the cabinet or container and connecting it to your computer!

Efento Loggers record temperatures, the parameter that is essential during processing and storage of food products. Each device can record up to 28 000 measurements, which are accessible within seconds.

The main feature of Efento Loggers is ability to transfer the measurements wirelessly. You should only approach with your mobile device to a logger, and the data will be transferred to the phone or tablet. One device can support unlimited number of the loggers – simply select the desired one from the list on the screen.

The most convenient to use temperature and humidity logger

You can forget about a computer, drivers, cables!

Watch the video tutorial and see how easy it is!