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Efento Transport is a system for monitoring and recording temperature in transport, composed of wireless temperature sensors functioning together with free application available for Android phones. The system records temperature values, alerts users with audible alarms on exceeding temperature thresholds, generates reports and sends them via emails, tracks routes using GPS, and supports the distribution of shipments. Efento Transport meets the needs of companies distributing medicines and vaccines that require continuous temperature monitoring.

Why Efento Transport?

  • Automatic alarms and alerts

    Alarm for the driver and SMS / email alerts due to excessive temperature

  • Registration of shipments

    Ability to register identification numbers of transported and delivered shipments

  • Convenient and easy to use

    Solution developed with a strong focus on user comfort and easy handling

  • Reports – comfort and ecology

    The reports from the route can be sent by emails or uploaded to a server – no need for printing

Efento Transport – flexible system for temperature monitoring in transport

Efento Transport allows users to record temperature during transport of goods, along with alarming when temperatures exceed preset thresholds, supports the distribution of shipments, registers the mileage

The system is composed of Efento temperature sensors communicating with smartphones or tablets with Bluetooth 4.0 interface, and can be supported by a server.

Dedicated application installed on mobile devices running Android system enables users to record temperatures of transported products, get alarms when temperatures exceed preset thresholds, register the position and mileage of vehicles (GPS), generate and send reports to recipients, support distribution of the shipments (including code scanning), send data to servers of shipping agents. The flexible app can be coupled with any logistics / storage / ERP software.