Temperature monitoring of vaccines

Meeting requirements in this field

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Efento Inspector is a solution dedicated for clinics and health centers to monitor temperature in medical refrigerators. The system consists of base station with a display and wireless sensors that communicate with the station. The system allows, among others, sending SMS / email alerts, generating automatic reports, sound alarming on exceeding thresholds and signaling power failures in the facility.

Why Efento Inspector?

  • Alerts and alarms

    SMS and email alerts, sound alarms

  • Proven and safe

    Compliant with national regulations

  • Easy configuration

    System configuration takes less than 15 minutes

  • Full control of events

    Temperature registration and automatic reports with measurements

Wireless monitoring of temperature in medical refrigerators

The system consists of base station (a smartphone running at least Android 4.4 and equipped with Bluetooth 4.0) with a display, and wireless sensors that communicate with the station. The application installed in the base station registers temperature measurements and sends SMS/email alerts on exceeding temperature thresholds that define the safe temperature range.

The base station is the central element of Efento system, used for the management of the sensors, automatic sending of emails and SMS alerts, as well as for the analysis of the recorded data. The system alerts users about exceeding predetermined temperature threshold, power outage (switching to battery power) and loss of communication with a sensor.

One base station can support up to 20 sensors, the maximum distance between the base station and a sensor placed in an enclosed space is ca. 20 m.

Efento system meets the typical requirements of national regulations on the monitoring of medical refrigerators.

Efento system has been designed so that it can be configured by anybody

It takes about 15 minutes to configure the system. Just watch the instructional video and see for yourself!