Water and sewage laboartory - implementation of Efento Inspector temperature monitoring system

“The operation of the measuring sensors meets our expectations.
The measuring system is reliable, and the simplicity of installation and versatility of applications is a great advantage. The system is worth recommending”

Laboratory emploee responsible for water quality testing


Sewage facility in Tomaszów Mazowiecki is active in the field of collective water supply and sewage disposal in the city of Tomaszów Mazowiecki.


In laboratories, a very important issue is constant temperature control in devices such as refrigerators, freezers or incubators. The maintenance of optimal temperature conditions in the devices affects the correctness of test results and increases the safety of storage of specific substances by alerting in cases when the set temperature thresholds are exceeded.


The customer decided to install the Efento Inspector for temperature monitoring at the water and wastewater laboratory in Tomaszów Mazowiecki.

Nine wireless temperature sesnors were located in incubators, refrigerators and in the freezer. The range of monitored temperatures is from -20 ° C to + 40 ° C. The loggers measure the temperature and send the data wirelessly (Bluetooth) to the base station – a telephone with Efento Inspector application.

The system allows sending text messages or emergency e-mails, if the set temperature thresholds are exceeded and in case of power failure. In addition, measurement reports can be sent automatically to the indicated e-mail address.

Efento products was designed to be configured by anyone. All you need to do is: add sensors, set alarm thresholds and enter telephone numbers to which the SMS will be sent. Reports for any period can be sent to the mail in the form of a CSV or PDF file, after free configuration of the email account on the smartphone. The whole configuration will take about 15 minutes!


The Efento Inspector solution allowed continuous temperature monitoring in devices located in the laboratory. The customer receives a temperature reports generated on a daily basis.

The system is wireless so the installation of temperature loggers has been reduced to their deployment at the appropriate points, without the need for cables.

Devices in the laboratory are under constant temperature control
Automatic data collection and reports on e-mail
Very easy and fast configuration


Efento Inspector is a solution dedicated for monitoring temperature in medical refrigerators